I WANT to Like Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard


The problem is that even as a beginner, I would have found this frustrating. The tone is a bit pandering, the book assumes the beginner has never encountered any of this stuff or has never heard of any of this stuff, and that’s frustrating. Beginners want to feel smart. They want to feel like they already have something when they’re starting. Many of them are jumping into this stuff because something has already happened to them, and they want to know what it is and how to deal with it. They don’t want three different introductions to the book, they don’t want to be treated like they’re a seven-year-old, they don’t want to be talked down to. They want to be acknowledged as having potential, and then they want to be let onto the path. I don’t know, there’s such a thing as being too welcoming - so much “welcome” and not enough “now let’s get to it”.

It’s obvious this book was written in reaction to the resurgence in magic due to the rise of Harry Potter, and I think that was a wise move, but the tone is like… I don’t know. Like people who read about fiction wizards need to be held by the hand like first-years. Harry Potter was a first-year once and he slew a chunk of Voldemort then. The book was so exciting and engaging partially because Rowling understood that people at first-year Hogwarts age wanted to be taken seriously.

Maybe this will improve once I get to later chapters. I want to know what’s in this book so I’ll know if I should recommend it to MPV’s readers. I wish Cunningham were still alive. He could have contributed so much to this. He had a really good approach for those new to the arts.

I’m sorry you’re not taking to the book :(  I can tell you, though, as someone who had no real exposure to Magick pre Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard, I really appreciated the foundation work it does in the beginning.

Well… Scratch that - I didn’t appreciate it at the time, of course, heh.. but after being involved in the magickal community on Tumblr, and seeing people either throw around terms, or be afraid of terms, or diluting everything by saying it’s all the same, or trying to make themselves feel more important by saying X is superior to Y… that’s when I really started to appreciate the foundation work the Grimoire, and the early classes at the Grey School, put you though.

A lot of it really is geared toward deprograming movie-sparkle misinformation and rebuilding with a more historical (but far less flashy) picture of Magick and the Magickal Community.

But if you found it overly pedantic, I do apologize for the original suggestion :\


Scientists today would roll in their graves to any public admittance that their gods were some of the greatest magicians that ever lived! Newton. Aristotle. Pythagoras. Da Vinci. How impotent scholars of today are in comparison. It’s almost as if…something is missing…something crucial…

Smokeless Cleansing Spray

It’s been a little over 4 months brewing (April 9- August 29), and today I cracked open the jar, expressed out as much of the liquid as I could, and bottled it up :)

The amber bottle, in the center, is the concentrated Smokeless Smoke Purification & Cleansing liquid (so I can make up some more), and the spray bottle on the left is the diluted form that I started using today :)  You can see by the markings how much water/alcohol/tincture-concentrate I use in the 4oz spray-bottle. The jar on the right is the new batch of tincture I started brewing. I’m hoping, of course, that the concentrate I have will last until the new batch is ready :P

So far, I am very happy with this; It has turned out quite well. The sent is very faint, which is nice, and this particular spray bottle sprays in an ultra-fine mist, so it lingers in the air just long enough for the effects to really grab hold. I am really liking this, and will be packing this in my backpack to carry with me everywhere I go!